Construction Services

Diploma Construction specialises in large and medium scale commercial construction, industrial and retail developments, low-rise and premium high-rise residential apartments.

Diverse clients and projects

Whilst specialising in commercial construction and residential apartments, we have developed high quality developments for diverse industry groups including:

  • Multi level residential

  • Remote accomodation & infrastructure work (mining sector)

  • Hotels, hospitality & tourism

  • Commercial offices

  • Retail

  • Industrial offices

  • Government

  • Health and aged care

  • Sport & recreation

Broad range of construction and project management services in Perth

We offer a broad range of construction services including:

  • Design and construct agreements

  • Construction project management

  • Site management

  • Construction management

  • Construction supervision

  • Contracting services

  • Above ground and below ground construction work

Reputation for sound management

Diploma has earned a reputation for innovation, safety, excellence and efficient construction project management in Perth. Our management systems incorporate comprehensive processes and procedures for quality, environmental management, and occupational health and safety.

Construction Jobs

Diploma offers a wide variety of executive opportunities and construction jobs. Click here to view current vacancies within Diploma Group.

Design & Construct