Environmental Policy

Diploma Construction provides a complete design, construction and project management service that meets client requirements and complies with contractual, legislative, regulatory and other requirements.

Diploma Construction supports the concept of a sustainable environment by minimising pollution and the use of natural resources and implementing recycling initiatives and regards the protection of the environment as an integral part of company operations and the responsibility of ethical corporate organisations.

To ensure that environmental protection is effectively managed, Diploma Construction has incorporated an Environmental Management System (EMS) into the management system framework and the management system is aligned with the requirements of AS / NZS ISO 14001:2004.

Diploma Construction is committed to adopting and maintaining sound environmental management and operating practices and to the continual improvement of environmental performance throughout the company.  This commitment also includes the elimination of pollution and is supported by the implementation of the EMS.

Diploma Construction assesses the potential environmental aspects on a project by project basis and initiates appropriate environmental programs to manage the prioritized objectives and targets.

The resources required to achieve these outcomes will be provided to ensure sound environmental performance through responsible and informed work practices and decision-making consistent with best industry practice.

All Diploma Construction personnel are encouraged to be personally involved in the ongoing improvement of the management system by identifying environmental issues in the workplace, and by providing suggestions for their management.